The Highcliffe Community Association
At Greystones House, Waterford Road, Highcliffe, Dorset BH23 5JL.
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Welcome to the Highcliffe Community Association Home Page

THE ASSOCIATION has its Headquarters at Greystones House, Waterford Road, Highcliffe, BH23 5JL (Tel No. 01425 271604). The Headquarters are open to members on weekdays (9.30am to 4.30pm) and at other times by special arrangement for Section activities and special events.

is a Registered Charity - No: 278035

THE OBJECTS OF THE ASSOCIATION are to promote and advance education and to provide facilities for social welfare, recreation and leisure-time occupation so as to enhance the quality of life for those who live in Highcliffe and the neighbouring area.

THE ASSOCIATION is run by Members for Members and is entirely self-funding. Members give their services voluntarily for the benefit of all.

MEMBERSHIP is open to all residents of Highcliffe and the neighbouring area.
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ACTIVITIES are many and varied and cater for most tastes and interests and are organized through Sections.
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AFFILIATED GROUPS: Several local groups that operate in the locality
and support the objects of the Association are Affiliated Societies.