The Highcliffe Community Association
At Greystones House, Waterford Road, Highcliffe, Dorset BH23 5JL.
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Highcliffe Community Association
Computer Section Activities.

BACKGROUND: The Computer Section was formed in February 1991 when the Personal Computer was in it's infancy and knowledge and experience hard to come by. The members of the Computer Section vary in experience and knowledge from beginners to those who have considerable expertise in their own particular aspects of this large subject.

AIMS: The aim of the Computer Section is to expand and develop the computing skills of all members of the Section by means of presentations, demonstrations and practical advice.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership of the section is open to all members of the Association who are interested in acquiring and developing computer skills from absolute beginners to experienced specialists. Visitors are welcome to attend meetings covering subjects of their particular interests.

Workshop WHEN WE MEET: The Computer Section meets on 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at 2.00 pm in Room 11 at Greystones House (except August, and at other times when Greystones House is closed). Section meetings cover a wide variety of topics and are intended to inform and update members on the most common application areas. Speakers comprise a mixture of Section members and outside specialists. Subjects covered include:
• Word Processing.
• Computer security.
• Spreadsheets, for home finance for example.
• Photography and video editing.
• Setting up presentations for talks on your holidays for example.
• Communicating by email including attachments such as photographs.
• Researching the World Wide Web using our broadband connection.
• Updating computer equipment, buying new equipment.
• Reviews of new equipment and the latest software.
• Workshops and brains Trust type question and answer sessions.

Workshop A Discussion Group meets on 1st Thursday of the month at 10.00 am in Room 3. The Discussion Group, open to all members, seeks to address specific problems encountered by members and to provide a forum for exploring specific needs. We use our broadband connection to help solve these problems.
Generally, the Section does not provide tuition for specific applications, but relies on the local Adult education Service Courses for more formal training. However, limited 'one to one' help can be arranged on request.